On and Off-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing (University Owned Apartments)

Medical Center

After receiving a letter of appointment, we strongly encourage Medical Center appointees contact the Office of Housing Services to begin the process of housing allocation. Housing at the Medical Center is done through monthly lotteries.  CUMC postdocs can remain in University postdoc housing for up to 5 years.  However, in the event that the individual's employment status changes to part-time or to a non-postdoc eligible title, she/he will have required to vacate University housing within three months after her/his status changes.  Please contact Noemi Bueno in the Office of Housing Services (nb141@columbia.edu) for the housing application and additional information.

CUMC Postdocs may also be eligible for New York Presybeterian Hospital (NYP) Staff and Affiliate Housing. These housing units are located around NYP hospital and are managed independently from the CUMC Office of Housing Services. NYP housing assignments require the submission of a housing application form. Interested CUMC postdocs should contact Celine Rivera (cer9021@nyp.org) in the NYP Real Estate Office at 212-305-2014. The NYP Real Estate Office is located at 600 W. 165th Street, 1st fl., New York, NY 10032. More information about their housing units can be found at www.nyphrealestate.com

CUMC Postdoctoral Residency Fellows

CUMC only provides housing to newly appointed Postdoctoral Residency Fellows who graduated from the University and resided in CUMC student housing immediately prior to their appointment. Individuals occupying single student designated housing are re-assigned to a campus studio apartment. Individuals occupying student couples housing will maintain their current apartment. This continuation is offered contingent upon the individual maintaining the Postdoctoral Residency Fellow appointment, maintaining all terms and conditions of the lease and remaining in good financial standing with the University. Individuals whose NYPH employment status changes to part-time or to a non-University eligible title will be required to leave University housing by the end of the month in which their status changes. This eligibility is only offered for a maximum of one year.

Postdoctoral Clinical Fellows are not eligible for University-owned housing.

Morningside Campus

The University Apartment Housing, also known as the 'Columbia Residential' office coordinates housing near the main campus and it is done through departmental allotments. It is imperative that Morningside appointees contact their Department Administrators as soon as they receive their offer letter to begin a housing search. Assignments are based on the date of receipt of your housing application and availability.

Please contact your advisor and Department Administrator for your lab’s policies on short term housing.


Off-Campus Housing (Non-University Affiliated)

The University’s Office of Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) helps postdocs in their search for rental housing in non-Columbia-owned buildings located in the metropolitan area. OCHA maintains an online database of available housing.

OCHA does NOT operate as a real estate or rental agencies and while they do not charge for their service, some of the listers may charge a referral fee. Services provided include contact information for landlords and lower- or no-fee brokers, temporary housing resources, lease review, and information and advice for the metropolitan area.

For more off-campus housing information, the CUMC Office of Housing Services also provides contacts of landlords and realtors in the New York area. They also provide an email list of available housing.

Columbia University does not inspect any properties or endorse any landlord, management company, realtor, or individual who lists with the Off-Campus Housing Resource Center.  The University does not guarantee the accuracy of the listings, the quality of the accommodation, or the suitability of the person offering such accommodations.  The University will not be party to any agreement entered into between the parties and will not enforce such agreement.  By accepting the services of any of the University's Off-Campus Housing Resources, you hereby release the University from any and all liability in connection with accommodations that may be referred to you.

Below are websites that current Postdocs at Columbia University have found useful to find off-campus housing:


The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs does not have an affiliation with any of these websites. Postdocs using these websites should do so with caution, as scams often occur on housing search webpages. Postdocs using these sites do so at their own risk with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs assuming no liability.


http://www.trulia.com/for_rent/New_York,NY/map_v (Rentals)

http://www.trulia.com/guides/moving/ (Moving Guides)