Center Grant Proposal Development

To advance Columbia’s research mission, the newly-formed Center Grant Proposal Development team will administratively support large faculty teams in pursuing complex and/or high-priority research grant funding.

Two broad categories of requests will be considered:

  1. Center Grants: Forthcoming proposals with total budget >$10M, with pre- or full proposal deadlines at least two months – and preferably at least four months – out from application submission.
  2. Strategic Priorities: Smaller-scale grants – between $1M-$5M – with proposal deadlines 6-12 months out, wherein the Lead PI has a vision that aligns with the University’s research priorities and initiatives, and which lay the groundwork for the future successful pursuit of Center Grants.

Administrative Support Services Available

  • Summarizing RFPs into abbreviated memos and checklists
  • Project management support
  • Internal and external resource identification
  • Partnership formation
  • Vendor management
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Editing/proof-reading scientific and non-scientific content
  • Drafting/editing non-scientific content:
    • Broader Impacts (Management, Diversity, Outreach, Education, Human Resources Plans)
    • Postdoc Mentoring Plan
    • Data Management Plan
    • Facilities and Other Resources Statement
    • Other non-scientific supplemental documents, as required
  • Collecting and Reformatting:
    • Biosketches
    • COA Forms
    • Current & Pending
    • Letters of
      • Internal/leadership commitment
      • External support
      • Collaboration
  • Coordinating internal "red team" peer reviews of draft content
  • Coordinating institutional support from University leadership
  • Supporting FastLane/ proposal shell building
  • Event planning
  • Communications:
    • Email drafting
    • Website development
    • Graphic design

Decision Criteria

Five key questions inform the internal review and decision of which teams receive Center Grant Proposal Development support:

How does the identified funding opportunity and proposed response align with the University’s research strengths and institutional priorities?
How is the University already supporting this project? If no support has yet been received, what is the plan for gathering necessary buy-in?
Does the PI team explain clearly how administrative support will directly affect their chances for success?
Does the proposal and the PI team have a high chance for success?
Does the Center Grant Proposal Development team have the ability and bandwidth to support the project?



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