Daniela D'Armetta

Roles and Responsibilities

As Manager for Training, Development, and Human Resources (HR), Daniela is responsible for supervising assigned staff in the Training Program. Daniela develops and manages a safety education and training program that enables EH&S and other Columbia University stakeholders to understand and maintain a safe and healthy environment, and ensure compliance with Columbia University and regulatory requirements. Daniela and her team utilize state-of-the-art instructional technology to improve the delivery and content of training in classroom and computer-based trainings (e.g., RASCAL and LION). Daniela is responsible for the coordination, direction, and implementation of HR duties relating to EHS. Daniela spearheads leadership program initiatives, seek opportunities to provide direction, consultation, and support to programs to effectively achieve results. Daniela conducts and manages various department and program improvement initiatives such as needs assessments, and goal evaluations. Daniela is responsible for the facilitation and review of the employee and recruitment lifecycle and the annual departmental employee performance assessment review process.