Kathryn M Somers

Roles and Responsibilities

As the Associate Director of Research Safety programs, Kathy is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders from the University community, including Principal Investigators, Facilities and Compliance teams, Capital Project Management, Public Safety and others across the University’s research enterprise, at all campuses and affiliated locations. Kathy provides leadership, coaching and support to all EH&S staff, and strategic input to the overall direction of EH&S research safety programming, and the safety culture of the organization, at large.  In partnership with staff, managers and leaders of all EH&S program areas (Research Safety, Biosafety, Radiation Safety, Occupational Safety, and Hazardous Materials), Kathy serves as the senior member of the Research Safety Program and Project Development Team, driving the initiation and execution of safety-related projects across all disciplines and promoting best practices within the organization. Kathy also serves as a key communicator of EH&S initiatives and services on behalf of the organization.