L. Sebastian Flynn-Roach, MS

Roles and Responsibilities

As the Associate Manager for Research Safety Programs, Sebastian is responsible for providing leadership and supervision for EH&S’s Research Safety Operations Team by promoting and supporting a comprehensive laboratory safety, compliance and service program throughout the University’s expansive research enterprise and affiliate institutions. Sebastian supports and advances a positive, proactive laboratory safety program, working as a leader and member of the Research Safety Team and collaborating with EH&S colleagues and program leaders to coordinate and consistently deliver EH&S’s essential services and safety programs to the University’s research community related to biological, chemical, physical and radioactive materials in laboratories.  Sebastian develops, maintains and promotes policies, procedures and programs for laboratory safety, and ensures the campuses are compliant with pertinent local, state and federal laboratory health and safety codes, standards and regulations and University policies and best practices. Sebastian is accountable for the effective utilization of EH&S’s technology-based systems by the Research Safety Operations Team and establish ongoing quality assurance/improvement strategies for collected data.