Pamela S Shively

Roles and Responsibilities

As the Training Coordinator, Pam coordinates and maintains a safety education and training program that enables EH&S and other Columbia University stakeholders to understand and maintain a safe and healthy environment, and ensure compliance with Columbia University and regulatory requirements. Pam is responsible to maintain a support structure for departmental program safety education trainings. Pam conducts assessments, evaluations, and utilize state-of-the-art instructional technology to improve the delivery and content of training in classroom and computer-based trainings (RASCAL and LION). Pam implements an evaluation program drawing on organizational principles to improve training quality and efficiency.


Before joining Columbia University, Pam had a long career in education, in which she taught math, science, and physical education. Pam served several professional associations in various volunteer leadership roles and volunteered as a support partner to special needs students. In addition, Pam also served as a coach and sports official.


  • Manchester College, Bachelor of Science, 1984
  • Indiana Wesleyan University, Continuing Education
  • Indiana University, Continuing Education
  • Ball State University, Continuing Education
  • Valparaiso University, Continuing Education


Officiating volleyball and basketball, collecting Snoopy memorabilia, reading, and pets.