Ongoing Series

The webinars below are welcome to postdocs and run on an ongoing basis:

COVID-19 Hub -  a central information resource for members of the Columbia Community.  The Hub is a searchable database of on-going projects and people who are currently working on COVID-19.

MSK Science Spotlight (submit your questions at [email protected]When: Every Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 PM - seminar series featuring illuminating lectures by today’s leaders in basic and translational biomedical science.Open to everyone. 

Harvard Hematology Lecture  When: M- F at 1:00 PM The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center is pleased to invite you to a virtual seminar series intended to unite our scientific community together during this difficult time. The series will be held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  All talks will be begin at 12 PM EST 

Cancer Connect When: M/T/Th/Fr at noon

Blood and Bone Seminar Series - When: M- F at 1:00PM - Kellie Machuls is an Assistant Professor of Hematology at Harvard Medical School

Zuckerman Event Calendar - Ongoing calendar for mind, body and behavior events at Columbia

Daily seminars on Aging Research When: Everyday - See their google calendar

NY Cancer Genomic Research Network Series - When: Monthly - Brings together leading cancer researchers, clinicians and postdocs from the NYGC’s Institutional Founding Members and other key academic institutions

SCOPE (Science Communication Online Programme) to enroll email [email protected] - SCOPE (Science Communication Online Programme) is an introduction to effective science communication designed for STEM graduate students. This NSF-funded resource is free and created for those who don’t have access to live, in-person science communication training.