Rascal Proposal Tracking (PT)

All proposals to be reviewed by SPA must be registered in the Proposal Tracking module of Rascal. Rascal is the web-based suite of modules that is required by the University to simplify the University’s research compliance and administration processes.  Rascal routes electronic approvals of proposals required by SPA. These include PI certifications and departmental approvals.  A proposal will not be reviewed by SPA unless the proposal has been registered in Rascal.

Rascal Proposal Tracking Instructions

  1. Go to https://rascal.columbia.edu/.
  2. Use your UNI and password. Anyone with a UNI and password can register a Rascal PT Sheet.
  3. Click "Proposal Tracking"
  4. Click "Create a Proposal"
  5. Complete the first General Information page, with basic information about the proposal. Question marks are available throughout the Rascal PT pages with help text, providing you with more information about each field.
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
  7. A full menu will be available on the left-hand side. Complete each of the following menu items to complete the registration process:
    1. Please list all personnel involved related to the project. Make sure their FCOI in RASCAL is up to date:
      1. Personnel
        1. Add all personnel related to the project.
        2. Ensure that each individual has completed their annual Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) form in RASCAL.
      2. Sponsor
      3. Budget
      4. Compliance
      5. Hazardous Materials
      6. Space
      7. Notes (optional)
      8. Attach Documents (optional - used for supplemental documentation)
  8. Register Proposal - This is a way of informing your SPA Project Officer of an upcoming proposal. Changes can be made to the proposal information and additional information may be added so long as the proposal has not been finalized by the PI.

Before the SPA Project Officer can submit a proposal to a sponsor, the appropriate departmental approvals must be included in the Rascal PT.  Each one must be added and notified.

  • If multiple departments are involved with the project (includes researchers from other departments) then you must include those departmental approvals.
  • Contact the Department Administrator of each department to inquire the appropriate approver name.
  • Use of Radiology services must include Rae Vagg (rcv2107), Departmental Administrator, Department of Radiology, as an approver.
  • Use of resources in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) must include

    Moshe Kelsen (mk3777)  of HICCC, as an approver to the Rascal.

  • Use of the Clinical Research Resource (CRR) of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (CTSA); http://irvinginstitute.columbia.edu/resources/clinical_home.html must contact Helena Rincon (hr2016) for questions, and as an approver in Rascal. 

Click "Approvals" and add each approver by typing in their UNI and selecting their role in the drop down menu.  These personnel will electronically sign off on the proposal before it can be submitted to the agency.

Note: Do not include the Project Officer in your sponsored projects office on this page.

Click "Notify Approvers" for automated email to be sent to all approvers to review the Rascal PT Sheet for their electronic approval and sign-off.

This option is available only to the principal investigator. Click on this option when all of the information is complete and your proposal is ready to be submitted by the SPA. You will be directed to complete a proposal specific conflict of interest disclosure as part of the finalization process.