Get Connected

Joining our postdoc email listservs and LinkedIn group are the number one ways that postdocs stay up to date about upcoming events, new policies and exclusive job postings. 

OPA maintains a central email listserv that all postdocs in the University are automatically added to within a few weeks of starting at Columbia University. OPA does not allow postdocs to be removed from this listserv, as this is the only conduit with which important announcements and policy updates can be communicated across the postdoc community. New postdocs should reach out to OPA ( ) if they are not receiving the two weekly emails from OPA so that they can be added to the listserv.

In addition to the main postdoc listserv, postdocs may wish to join one of the four following mailing lists, which will give them the ability to send and receive messages within the group:

Share, plan and discuss social events going on at Columbia or around the city. Connect with other CU postdocs. Invite other postdocs to attend social activities and events around New York City, or alert the community when something is happening at Columbia that is not hosted by OPA. 

Do you have a piece of equipment that you are not using in your lab? Do you need something, but don’t know where to get it, or don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing something? Send an email to this list to see if anyone can help you out. Of course, all exchanges should be legal and allowed by your lab or PI. OPA does not endorse selling/collecting money through these lists.

Get in touch with other postdocs who have children and families. Learn about events and social activities for parents, and kid-friendly events for families. Exchange opinions and recommendations for babysitters, schools, after school activities, etc. If this is relevant to you, consider joining our Postdoc Parents and Expectant Parents Group, which supports all parents and expectant parents in the Columbia postdoc community. In addition to an active Facebook group to share resources and advertise events, the group hosts regular lunches, community outings, and on campus family activities.  Postdocs are encouraged to join the group and participate in the various activities. If interested, please contact Ericka Peterson (

Are you moving? Looking for housing? Post here and see if other members of the postdoc community have any information to share!

To Sign Up for the Mailing Lists:

Visit the following link(s) corresponding to the list(s) you would like to join.

Fill out the form at the website, and submit it. Subscription to these lists requires approval, and you will be notified once our office approves your subscription. If you are using a non-Columbia email address, please also send an email to to alert us.

Once you are member, you will receive emails from other members. To send an email to the mailing lists, simply write an email to email address (listed above).

To unsubscribe, visit the same website you used to subscribe to the mailing list. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see an unsubscribe option.

Social Science and Humanities Postdocs

OPA recognizes that it can be especially challenging for postdocs in the social sciences and humanities to connect with other postdocs in their fields at Columbia. With this in mind, in 2016 OPA created a Social Science and Humanities Postdocs group that will have its own dedicated email listserv, feature events especially geared for these postdocs, and serve as a means for these postdocs to connect and form a community.

Social Science and Humanities postdocs interested in joining this group should email to join the email listserv.

Network on LinkedIn

Increase your professional network circle with current and former CU Postdocs. Career opportunities that are sent to OPA are only posted on our "Columbia University Postdocs and Postdoc Alumni" LinkedIn group.