Research Offices

Offices of the Executive Vice President for Research

Administers policies governing the conduct of research and oversees the management of research programs

Provides comprehensive administrative services that help move trials quickly from initial proposal through contract execution

Expert guidance and timely service to the University community through commitment to health and safety

Ensures human research studies are conducted ethically and in a manner that promotes the protection of participants in research

Provides guidance to the scientific community in fulfilling the obligation to conduct animal research with the highest scientific, humane and ethical principles

Serves the needs of Columbia's postdoctoral community

Ensures compliance with the complex web of regulatory requirements that govern research

Fosters competitive funding for interdisciplinary research collaboration

Provides guidance and stewardship for the researchers and administrators on all campuses

Research-Related Offices at Columbia

The technology transfer office for the University

Ensures the humane care of animals used in approved research

The Policy Library holds many University-wide research-related policies

Post-award financial administration of sponsored programs

The Scholarly Communication Program (SCP) supports the global reach and impact of research, raising awareness about new tools & services