Research Security

International Engagements & Research Security

This website provides the Columbia community with updated information about international engagements and research security issues. The website is organized into three sections: Frequently Asked Questions about International EngagementsResearch Security Topics (including Researcher Disclosure Requirements); and Columbia’s Commitment to Dissemination of its Research Results.

In recent years, the U.S. Government has raised concerns about an increased risk of “foreign influence” over the U.S. research enterprise, including foreign governmental efforts to divert intellectual property and know-how from U.S. academic institutions to non-U.S. entities. As a result of these concerns, federal funding agencies have increasingly focused their attention on compliance with existing requirements, such as researcher disclosure requirements, and have issued and continue to issue new policies, guidance, and proposed rules to address these research security concerns.

For over 250 years, Columbia University has been a leader in higher education within the U.S. and around the world. A key factor contributing to Columbia’s status as one of the world’s most important centers of research and learning is its historic and continuing commitment to attract and engage the best minds – domestically and internationally – in its pursuit of greater human understanding, new discoveries, and service to society. Columbia’s commitment to global engagement is reflected in its mission statement and is a core principle that will continue to guide Columbia in the future.

FAQs: Common Questions regarding International Engagements

The U.S. Government restricts what U.S. persons (including Columbia University’s faculty, staff, students and visitors) can do with certain entities, individuals, and countries.  Depending on the applicable laws and regulations, these restrictions may constrain or prohibit common academic and educational activities and collaborations. For this reason, it is important to consult with Columbia’s Office of Research Compliance and Training (RCT) before the proposed international engagement starts if it potentially involves a “restricted” university or other entity, or if any of the activities (in-person or remote) will take place in a comprehensively sanctioned country, or if you are not certain.

Dissemination of Columbia Research

Columbia is committed to the broad dissemination of its research results and generally makes its research and the products of its research available to the public. Access to Columbia research and inventions is available through academic publications and conferences, public websites and databases, the Columbia Technology Ventures website, and may be available upon request.