PCRI Symposium

March 11, 2022

Columbia University and NYC Cosponsors hosted another PCRI Symposium on March 11, 2022. This day-long symposium addressed a variety of issues pertaining to credibility and rigor in a public health emergency, and diversity and trust in science, from the perspectives of leading experts, high-profile journal editors, funders, and researchers. 

March 11, 2022 Videos

Introductory Remarks given by Jeannette Wing (Executive Vice President for Research) and Katrina Armstrong (CEO, Columbia University Irving Medical Center)

Session 1: Why Trust Science?  Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University), a renowned historian of science trained as a geologist, talks about why science should be trusted, how to ensure its objectivity and quality, and how to promote trust in science. Introduction and moderated discussion led by Maureen "Mo" Raymo (Columbia University).

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Session 2: Diversity, Equity and Trust in Science  This multidisciplinary panel will discuss the role of diversity and equity in promoting trust and credibility of science, including, for example, addressing bias in artificial intelligence, genomic research as a case study, diversity in clinical trial recruitment, and strategies to promote diversity across the research enterprise. Moderator and panelist: Jeannette Wing (Columbia University). Panelists: Vence Bonham, Jr. (Acting Deputy Director, National Human Genome Research Institute), Dana E. Crawford (Columbia University), and Jennifer Manly (Columbia University).

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Session 3: Rigor and Research Integrity in a Public Health Crisis  A panel including researchers, journal editors, and public health leaders will discuss recent experiences and lessons learned in promoting rigorous COVID-19 research during the pandemic. Moderator: Marcia McNutt (President, National Academies of Sciences and former editor of Science). Panelists: Sri Devi Narasimhan (Deputy Editor, Cell), Arturo Casadevall (Johns Hopkins University), Wafaa El-Sadr (Columbia University), and Kathleen M. Neuzil (University of Maryland School of Medicine).

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Session 4: Communicating Science to Promote Understanding and Action  In this round table, panelists will discuss what constitutes effective science communication, how such communication promotes trust in science and how it can prompt action on the issues of the day. Panelists will also provide approaches that researchers at all career stages can use to enhance their own science communication skills and enhance the credibility of science. Moderator: Chris Wiggins (Chief Data Scientist, New York Times; professor, Columbia University). Panelists: Dominique Brossard (University of Wisconsin), Sudip Parikh (CEO and Executive Publisher, Science Journals), Sylvester James “Jim” Gates (Brown University; President, American Physical Society), and Andy Revkin (Columbia University).

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Speakers Included: 

Naomi Oreskes Harvard University; Keynote Speaker); Marcia McNutt (President, National Academy of Sciences); Katrina Armstrong (CEO, Columbia University Irving Medical Center); Arturo Casadevall (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health); Sri Devi Narasimhan (Deputy Editor, Cell); Wafaa El-Sadr (Columbia University); Kathleen M. Neuzil (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Vence Bonham, Jr. (National Human Genome Research Institute); Dana E. Crawford (Columbia University); Jennifer J. Manly (Columbia University); Dominique Brossard (University of Wisconsin); Sylvester James "Jim" Gates (Past President, American Physical Society); Sudip Parikh (CEO and Executive Publisher, Science Journals); Andy Revkin (Columbia University); Chris Wiggins (Columbia University); and Jeannette Wing (Executive Vice President for Research, Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University).


NYC Cosponsors: New York University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University, CUNY, and Weill Cornell Medicine


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