Research Policies and Handbooks

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research assists scholars and students across the University in regulatory compliance. This page offers numerous guides and resources to staying compliant while conducting research.

Handbooks and Other Policies

Sponsored Projects Handbook

Gives practical guidance in the management of sponsored projects funded by both governmental and private organization, in accordance with the research policies and procedures of the University.

Clinical Research Handbook

A companion resource to the Sponsored Projects Handbook, geared to the clinical research coordinator. Also includes a chapter on FDA-regulated research.

Animal Research Handbook

A companion resource to the Sponsored Projects Handbook, designed to be a reference guide for faculty and staff who are involved in research using animals.

Environmental Health and Safety Handbook

Gives practical guidance to faculty, staff and students who are conducting research using hazardous materials.

Research Radiation Safety Handbook

Gives practical guidance on research using sources of ionizing radiation, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and University policies and procedures.

Postdoctoral Officers Handbook

Provides up to date, in-depth information on all policies, procedures and offerings for Columbia Postdocs.

University Policies Website

A growing repository for non-academic policies that are broadly applicable to the University.

General Research Policies

Collection of policies often referred to by faculty and staff involved in research.