Office for Postdoctoral Affairs and Early Career Research

What We Do

Career Development

We design, organize, and provide professional and career development programming and resources for Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists across the University


We counsel Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists with respect to mentors, housing, job opportunities, funding opportunities, University policies and practices, wellness, and life in NYC


We facilitate new Postdoc orientations, social, and networking events

Find Funding Opportunities

We educate Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists about University resources that can help them identify funding for research, training, and publishing

Increase Visibility

We undertake initiatives to increase visibility of and to assist in community building among Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists

Information Repository

We serve as an information repository and liaison among Postdocs, Associate Research Scientists, faculty, administrators, and external constituencies

Expert Guidance

We offer expert guidance and resources to the University community on the administrative management of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists

Postdoctoral Training

We advocate for resources and policies that enhance Postdoctoral training and promote a supportive and inclusive training environment at the University

Services and Programs

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Definition of a Postdoc

Describes each type of postdoctoral position at Columbia by title


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2024 OPA Handbook

For up to date, in-depth information on all policies, procedures, and offerings for Columbia Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists 

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Quick answers to most frequently-asked questions

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Career Development Programs

View the career development events and services offered to Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists

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Wellness Programs

Focuses on multiple areas of wellness, such as social, physical, emotional, and occupational wellness, among others, for Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists

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OPA Recorded Workshops

Both career-focused and wellness-focused recorded workshops

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Housing and Benefits

Housing and Benefit options and resources available to Columbia Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists

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Postdoc/ARS Hardship Support Fund

Provides financial assistance with a temporary hardship due to unexpected circumstances

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Forms and letters regarding Postdocs at Columbia

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New Postdocs

Need to know information for new Postdocs at Columbia

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Postdoc Community

Get connected and involved with our Postdoc Groups

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Postdoc Alumni

Interviews featuring our Postdoc Alumni 

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For Faculty and Administrators

Helpful information for Principal Investigators (faculty) and Administrators

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Quick Guide to Research

Helpful information about selected University policies, and links to resources and services for the research community

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Find Funding and Grants

Columbia resources that can help Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists with grant writing and finding funding

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Research Handbooks

Guides and resources to staying compliant while conducting research



Office Directory

Medical Center Campus Office and Mailing Address:
154 Haven Avenue, Suite 313 (Monday - Friday)
New York, NY 10032

Morningside Campus Office:
Chandler Hall, Room 351
(By appointment only)

Please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212.305.4073
Fax: 212.342.2991

New Columbia Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists: request to add your name to OPA listserv