COVID-19 Funding Opportunities and New Website

We wanted to bring to your attention that there are various funding opportunities dedicated to COVID-19 research available on our newly designed website, COVID-19: FAQs and Resources Relating to Research. You can find these opportunities, as well as other resources to support researchers within the section Conduct COVID-19 Research.

Select funding opportunities are available on this website, and there are instructions on how to use Pivot, a funding opportunity database, as a one-stop shop to identify COVID-19 opportunities from federal, private, and global sponsors. You will be able to view a curated list of COVID-19 funding opportunities, and join the COVID-19 Pivot group to receive weekly funding newsletters sent every Monday morning.

We hope you find the new website easy to navigate to answer many of your research-related questions. Please continue to email questions to [email protected]; we will make sure your questions are routed to the right person so you receive a timely answer. For questions concerning Pivot, email [email protected].

Stephanie F. Scott, MS, CRA
April 03, 2020