EVPR Assistance for Research Ramp-down

Dear Colleagues: 

As you plan for the ramp-down of your laboratories, the Office of the EVPR is available to assist you in any way that we can.

As a start, we have attached a Laboratory Ramp-Down Checklist prepared by EH&S to help you to understand the tasks that are needed to ramp-down your research laboratory.  Not all of the items will be applicable to all laboratories.  EH&S is an important resource to help you to manage the ramp-down in a way that is safe for those essential personnel who are required to maintain permitted research functions and that is protective of valuable equipment.  As laboratories include hazards of many kinds, it is important that all tasks are done carefully and with the correct personnel.  EH&S is available to answer any questions or provide other assistance.  Please contact labsafety@columbia.edu.

In addition, there are already a number of FAQs posted on the EVPR website.  Because there are many questions coming in from researchers about issues relating to the ramp-down, we will be adding additional FAQs as we receive questions that could be of interest to the broader community, organized under topics for easy access to what you need. All FAQs will be updated as necessary. You should check the FAQs frequently.

Please feel free to call any of our units –SPA, CTO, EH&S, Human Research Protection Office /IRBs, IACUC, RCT, and Postdoctoral Affairs--with questions or requests for assistance.


The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research

March 15, 2020