NEW Parent FOAs for Basic Experimental Studies Involving Humans

Today NIH released the new Parent Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) for the R01 and R21 funding mechanisms dedicated to Basic Experimental Studies Involving Humans. These studies fall within the NIH definition of a clinical trial and also meet the definition of basic research. Read the NIH Open Mike blog for more information.

These new Parent FOAs, along with all other Parent FOAs, can be found in the NIH Parent Announcements.

In addition, similar FOAs were released for all the Parent Career Development Award (K-series) FOAs. However, those are only available in the November 30, 2018 NIH Weekly Guide at the moment.

For the standard February 5th, 2019 NIH deadline for new and competing renewal R01 applications (and February 16th, 2019 for R21 applications), this means that there are now THREE new Parent R01s and R21s to select from.

Chart Comparing FOA Types by Clinical Trial Allowability:

NIH states they plan to issue more resources to assist researchers with selecting the correct FOA. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the Scientific/Research Contact(s) named in these individual FOAs to inquire about the appropriateness of the FOA for your particular research project.  There will be more information coming, and we’ll do our best to summarize and simplify the information as we receive it.  You can feel free to ask me, or your SPA Project Officer, any questions.

Stephanie F. Scott, MS, CRA
November 28, 2018