NIH Interim-RPPRs and Final RPPRs

NIH announced their plans for the implementation of the Interim-RPPR.

January 20, 2017

As was announced previously (see NOT-OD-17-002), NIH now requires a Final Research Performance Progress Report (F-RPPR), to be submitted via the eRA Commons, which replaces the Final Progress Report PDF format. The change was effective at the beginning of this month. If preparing a final report, you must use this new F-RPPR format now.

The format of the F-RPPR is very similar to the annual RPPR.  According to NIH’s FAQs on the topic, “The notable differences being the Final RPPR does not have sections F (Changes), and H (Budget). Likewise, the following items do not require responses: B.1.a, B.6, D.2, G.10, G.11, and G.12.  The Final RPPR does have a new section: Section I (Outcomes)”

Yesterday, NIH announced their plans for the implementation of the Interim-RPPR.  You should read the announcement in its entirety at NOT-OD-17-037 as it contains important information.  An Interim-RPPR is to be submitted 120 calendar days from the period of performance end date while a renewal application (Type 2) is under consideration.  If a renewal is submitted but not funded, the Interim-RPPR will be treated by NIH as the Final-RPPR.

The information I want to highlight from this announcement is “Effective February 9, 2017, if the recipient organization has submitted a renewal application on or before the date by which a Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final-RPPR) would be required for the current competitive segment, then submission of an "Interim-RPPR" via eRA Commons is now required.   Based on this requirement, the NIH will discontinue the policy for renewal applications whereby, “whether funded or not,” the progress report contained in the renewal application may serve in lieu of a separate final progress report.”

Therefore, progress reports in renewal applications are still required.  The Interim-RPPR is to be completed in addition to the progress report in the renewal.  However, if the renewal is not funded, NIH will not request an additional Final-RPPR.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your SPA Project Officer.