ReaDI Program Outreach

A variety of presentations and trainings are being given on all of Columbia's campuses. Topics include:

  • Introduction to ReaDI Program and resource repository
  • Practices that can affect research and data integrity and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Data management and public access
  • NIH's Rigor and Reproducibility (co-presented with SPA)


Upcoming Presentations (2018)
30-Jan : NCURA Webinar on Rigor and Reproducibility for the Research Administrator
15-Feb: Fellows Seminar
10-April: Navigating the Research Enterprise

Previous Presentations
16-Jan 2018: NCURA Webinar on Public Access
25-Nov 2017: PCOR Colloquium - Data Management
24-Oct 2017: Navigating the Research Enterprise
17-Oct 2017: Rigor and Reproducibility
10-Oct 2017: PCOR Colloquium - Rigor and Reproducibility
03-Oct 2017: ICAP Seminar - Rigor and Reproducibility
08-Sept 2017: Biomedical Engineering Seminar - Research Integrity
21-Aug 2017: Chemistry Graduate Student Orientation - Research Integrity

If you are interested in inviting the Assistant Director for Research Integrity and Compliance to speak about topics such as:

  • Research and data integrity
  • Rigor and reproducibility
  • Questionable research practices
  • Data management
  • Public access

Contact Michelle Benson,