Research Ethics & Compliance — Film Discussions

Mark your calendars for a new discussion series that will examine research ethics issues raised in popular films and documentaries!  We welcome multidisciplinary perspectives.  Anyone from any University department is welcome to attend any or all of these meetings.


Monday, October 21st, 3-5pm, Vagelos Education Center Room 201
Discussion of "Three Identical Strangers"

The first session will focus on the 2018 documentary, "Three Identical Strangers."  Triplets who had been adopted in infancy by three different families in infancy accidentally reconnect as young adults and ultimately discover nefarious reasons for their initial separation.  Come prepared to experience and investigate a riveting narrative of a NYC-based family who were unknowing subjects of an intense research study with wide-ranging implications.  Co-hosted by the Office of Research Compliance and Training and the Human Research Protection Office/IRBs.  This discussion will be led by Robert Klitzman and Neil Schluger.

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Coming up this academic year:
  • Our second session will examine The Boston Tapes.  We will meet in February on Morningside Campus (exact details TBD).
  • Our third session will examine the film "Charly."  We will meet in June on the Manhattanville Campus (exact details TBD).