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The establishment of a faculty or graduate student startup company may raise issues concerning potential conflicts of interest. If conflicts are not appropriately managed or reviewed, they could leave the researcher and the institution vulnerable to charges of bias in research, and may also raise regulatory concerns. The Office of Research Compliance and Training is available for consultations. Contact Carmen Nieves ([email protected]) to schedule a consultation.

Related Resources

Technology Transfer

Columbia Technology Ventures offers the following services to Columbia researchers:

  • Patent filing and IP management
  • Technology marketing
  • Technology license agreements
  • Material and data transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Software "express" licensing
  • Inter-institutional collaborations
  • Executives in Residence (XIRs)
  • Columbia Women Inventors Network (Columbia WIN)
  • and more! 

See Columbia technologies available for licensing

CTV is involved in the launch of 20+ patent-based startups each year and offers advantageous terms for university startups. Please email [email protected] for more information.