University Resources

There are several offices and resources that can support postdoctoral mental health and wellness needs of postdocs at Columbia. Additional information about these important resources is available below.

All postdoctoral research scientists and postdoctoral research fellows have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a network of free services to assist you (and your household members) manage a variety of issues, including short-term counseling, nutrition and healthy living resources, financial planning, among many others. Please click here to learn more about EAP services and how they may be useful for you. 

The Office of Work/Life fosters the well-being of the Columbia community and its people in their pursuit of meaningful and productive academic, personal and work lives. The Office of Work/Life offers many programs and resources to achieve this goal. Please click here to learn more about the Office of Work/Life wellness resources and how they may be useful for you.

If you are struggling with a workplace concern, the Ombuds Office is a great resource to help you figure out ways to address your concern(s). The Ombuds Office offers a confidential place to discuss workplace issues and will assist you in exploring options and developing strategies to resolve your concern while reviewing university policies. Please click here to learn more about the Ombuds Office services.

For more information on taking a leave of absence, please visit click here. To contact the leave management office, please email [email protected].

Columbia University is committed to fair and respectful interactions between all employees and management. The Office of Labor and Employee Relations manages all matters related to the University’s union staff. We provide resources and information to resolve conflicts, strategic planning on labor issues and professional consultations to the University community. Please click here to view the Postdoctoral Union Agreement.

The University’s benefits include programs that provide medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, life insurance, and tax savings accounts to eligible faculty and staff. Click here to learn more about the benefits available to you based on your employment group.

Environmental Health and Safety Department has a Reproductive Health program. The Occupational Health team provides Pregnancy Consults to researchers in the lab who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant and are concerned about maternal/fetal safety and health.  For more information and for a consultation, complete the Reproductive Health Hazard Assessment survey