About Research Pharmacy

Where is the Research Pharmacy located?

The Research Pharmacy is located in Suite MHB-LL1-001 in Milstein Hospital, which is located at 177 Fort Washington Avenue.

Currently, Columbia University Research Pharmacy is only allowing remote monitoring visits. All documents including drug accountability logs, SOPs, temperature records, packing slips, and calibration certificates are electronic and can be shared with study monitors upon request.

Hours of Operation

Our standard hours of operation are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and we are also continuously “on-call” for studies that require immediate drug dispensing.

How do I contact the Research Pharmacy regarding new study projects?

At the time of project budget preparation, or earlier, contact us to obtain a cost estimate request form. E-mail the completed form and a copy of your protocol, and contact information to [email protected] or 212-305-0068 (fax) for non-oncology services and to [email protected] or 212-305-0397 (fax) for oncology services. A proposal will be generated and forwarded back within 1-2 weeks. If needed sooner, let us know and we’ll expedite the proposal.

Please click here to obtain downloadable forms


How do I contact the Research Pharmacy regarding an established study?

Inquiries may be directed to one of the pharmacists:

[email protected]