Clinical Trials for Sponsors

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) respects the necessity to maintain rigorous patient safety standards, while still recognizing the importance of bringing medical innovation to patients as quickly as possible. The CTO therefore provides a diverse menu of services to sponsors and investigators to ensure efficient time to market for cutting-edge treatments. Our sponsors can be assured that the reputation and academic prestige of our institution and affiliated sites enhances the credibility and publicity of trial results.

To fulfill a mission of supporting the collaboration of investigators and their pharmaceutical sponsors, and to enable them to provide innovative, safe, and effective treatments with maximum efficiency, the CTO relies upon a team of experienced administrative and clinical personnel with in-depth experiences in pharmaceutical industry, hospital, and university environments.

Comprehensive Services

CTO services include advice for all aspects of the proposal process, including evaluation of scientific merit and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission preparedness. The CTO ensures efficiency of study start-up through centralized processing and review of all aspects of proposal needs, including identification of investigators and therapeutic area thought leaders, assistance with regulatory documents, and budgetary review.

The CTO also provides clinical, legal, and financial study management, including aggressive patient recruiting techniques, regulatory document maintenance, pharmaceutical and device management, and budgetary oversight.


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