Computational Research

  • edX Course: Principles, Statistical and Computational Tools for Reproducible Science: This free course covers fundamentals of reproducible science, case studies, data provenance, statistical methods for reproducible science, computational tools for reproducible science, and reproducible reporting science. These concepts are intended to translate to fields throughout the data sciences: physical and life sciences, applied mathematics and statistics, and computing.

  • Code Ocean - A research collaboration platform. With direct access to cloud resources and reproducibility best practices built in, no extra software or hardware is needed. 
    • Columbia is currently conducting a pilot with Code Ocean. Visit for more information and to sign up. 
    • Code Ocean is available to consult with Columbia researchers on using Code Ocean's platform. Email [email protected] to schedule your consultation. 
  • The Digital Science Center provides a wide range of software to support research and coursework in several science and engineering disciplines.  All of the software below is available for use on the computers located in theScience & Engineering Library
  • List of software and tools either available on the machines in the Research Data Service, or tools available online with the level of support available for each