Career Counseling and Mentoring

OPA provides career counseling, resume review, mock interviews and more. 

Career Counseling Services

OPA provides individualized career counseling services throughout the year. Postdocs can sit down one-on-one with the Director or Director of Postdoctoral Affairs for resume review, mock interviews, and career counseling. Schedule your appointment here. 

Resume/Cover Letter Feedback with Ericka Peterson  

Tuesdays 2 PM – 3:30PM (30 min appointments) on the CUMC Campus

Career Counseling Appointment/ Mock Interview with Ericka Peterson 

45 minute meetings- Thursdays 10-11AM on the CUMC Campus

Appointment days vary throughout the year, however, 3-5 hours weekly will be set aside for these types of appointments. 


Postdoc Peer Mentoring Groups

OPA organizes new peer mentoring groups every Fall, with new groups formed on each of the Medical, Morningside, and Lamont campuses. Each  peer mentoring group consists of up to 10 postdocs and meets regularly (generally once per month) as a group to discuss career goals, plans, and receive peer feedback and support. The initial group meeting is led by the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs with subsequent meetings being led and organized independently by the group. The peer mentoring groups are be best suited for postdocs interested in career exploration, particularly postdocs in the first two years of their postdoctoral training. Postdocs with more defined career goals would also find a peer mentoring group helpful, as the group conducts activities aimed at networking and identifying resources to obtain the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to be competitive for career paths of interest.

OPA holds info sessions in the early Fall each year about the format of the peer mentoring groups, the expectations for group members, suggested discussion topics, and potential action items. Postdocs interested in joining a peer mentoring group should plan to attend one of the info sessions in the early Fall.