Office of Research Compliance and Training

Office of Research Compliance and Training
What we do

We are available to consult and provide advice on many research compliance topics.

U.S. federal regulations prohibit the University or its personnel from agreeing to participate in any international boycott not supported by the U.S. government.

Columbia University policy prohibits the unlawful bribery of government officials or private persons in connection with University activities.

A conflict of interest (COI) exists where a researcher's outside interests or activities could improperly affect, or give the appearance of affecting, the researcher's activities at Columbia.

Policies and resources for data management and security.

Certain entities and individuals, both domestic and foreign, are subject to sanctions or other restrictions under U.S. law that may restrict researchers' ability to engage in a project, collaboration or other transaction.

U.S. laws and regulations that restrict the shipment or transfer of certain information, commodities, services, and other items (including software) for reasons of foreign policy and national security, as determined by the U.S. government.

Columbia researchers and administrators are expected to exercise the utmost responsibility in managing research funds provided to the University, including issues related to compensation and effort reporting.

To help researchers plan for risks and requirements that may be associated with international projects, the University has established Risk Management Procedures.

A program designed to provide several tools to ensure robust data and research integrity.

University policies and procedures that define misconduct, outline the process for investigating allegations, and explain the consequences of committing misconduct.

The University's comprehensive compliance training programs ensure that those involved in research are aware of what is expected and required of them.

The FAA regulates the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”, a.k.a. drones) within the U.S.  This includes UAVs used in Columbia research.  Columbia University also restricts the use of UAVs on Columbia campus. 

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A University Symposium: Promoting Credibility, Reproducibility and Integrity in Research held on December 9, 2016.