RCT Consultation Services

The Office of Research Compliance and Training provides consultation and advice for Columbia's researchers.

Conflict of Interest

We are happy to meet with researchers to discuss potential conflicts of interest and research. Topics can include startup companies, consulting relationships, scientific board positions, etc. Contact Mike Klein ([email protected]) to schedule a consultation.

Export Controls, Economic Sanctions, International Research and Anti-Corruption

If you have questions about export controls, economic sanctions, international research, or anti-corruption, or if you have specific concerns about how these might impact your research, please contact Michelle Avallone ([email protected]) or 212-851-9822

Research Misconduct

We are available to consult confidentially at any point, including before any decision has been made about submitting a formal allegation. Contact Naomi Schrag ([email protected])

If you wish to remain anonymous, a University Compliance Hotline is also available at (866) 627-3768

General Topics Concerning Research Compliance

For questions regarding general research compliance topics such as financial filing in Rascal, Rascal required training or other related topics please contact [email protected]

The University Compliance hotline is available for confidential and anonymous reporting of compliance concerns. It is supported by a third party vendor and staffed by professionals.