Fire Safety Training

Welcome to the Fire Safety Training webpage. Fire safety training for all personnel who work in a laboratory is included in the primary Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene and Hazardous Waste Management training module.

In addition, an FDNY C-14 holder is required to be present in any laboratory that is in operation. Personnel who wish to apply for the C-14 must complete the applicable course below, then visit the Certificate of Fitness webpage to review the additional C-14 requirements and complete and submit the paperwork necessary to apply for the permit.

Initial Safety Training (RASCAL or Zoom):

(TC5451) Certificate of Fitness (C-14) Holder Training for Supervising Non-Production Chemical Laboratories. A permit is required to store, handle or use hazardous materials in a laboratory unit.  Any research location where greater than 1 gallon (3.8 L) of flammable or combustible liquid, or 75 SCF (2.12 m3) of flammable gas, must be permitted as a laboratory. Non-production laboratory operations requiring a permit must be under the personal supervision of a certificate of fitness holder. At least one C-14 Certificate of Fitness holder shall be present during all times while laboratories are in operation. This requirement applies at all times including weekends, evenings and holidays. Laboratory personnel can obtain a C-14 through Columbia University EH&S or directly through the FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

Refresher Training (RASCAL/SABA/Department):

No refresher-self review of C-14 examination study material upon renewal of certification.