Certificate of Fitness Information

New York City Fire Code requires at least one person with a Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Chemical Laboratories (C-14) be present in a laboratory unit when such lab is in operation.  This code applies at all times including weekends, evenings and holidays.  There are two ways to obtain the Certificate of Fitness: A Self-Certification program administered by EHS – Fire Safety (if certain requirements are met) or to take the test at FDNY Headquarters.

Below is the information to obtain a Certificate of Fitness.

1. Self-Certification program at CU requires a minimum of:

  • A Bachelors degree in a science related fields plus 2 years of lab experience

    All claimed experience must be post baccalaureate. Any experience gained prior to the receipt of the degree will not be accepted toward meeting the requirements to take the exam at Columbia University.
  • Photocopy of Diploma in English or a copy of transcript showing degree earned with date
  • Related paperwork will be filled out at exam site or see “C-14 Document” below
  • Pass 25 question multiple-choice test (70%)
  • Paperwork + Exam = 1.5 hours.
  • To PASS the EXAM you need to read and know: FDNY Study Material
  • To TAKE the EXAM







Note: For International Students without a United States Social Security number, please provide a copy of your Valid VISA.

2. Take the test at FDNY headquarters.

You may take the Examination for the Certificate of Fitness for The Supervision of Chemical Laboratories (C-14) at Fire Department Headquarters at 9 Metro Tech, Brooklyn N.Y. 11201.

If you cannot find the time to attend our scheduled classes for Certificate of Fitness Training (C-14) .....
We Can Bring the Training to You!

If you can form a group of 6 or more applicants, EHS can provide Certificate of Fitness(C-14) training in your laboratory or conference room,  at your convenience.  You maybe also able to join an existing group already scheduled for training. For more information please get in touch with: Fire Safety Specialist at:

Medical Center: 212-305-6780
Morningside & Manhattanville: 212-854-8749

or email: : fire-life@columbia.edu

Certificate of Fitness Renewals (renewal form):

  • If you are currently in the EH&S Certificate of Fitness database, your renewal will automatically be processed and paid for by Columbia University. Disregard renewal notices mailed to your home. Call EH&S to verify that your name is listed in the database.
  • If you discover that you are not in the EH&S database, EH&S will then enter your name and all renewal fees will be paid by Columbia University.
  • If your Certificate of Fitness is expired by less than 1 year, call EH&S to renew your C of F, which will be paid for by Columbia University.
  • If your Certificate of Fitness is expired for more than 1 year, you will be required to retake the C-14 test.