Certificate of Fitness Information

A permit is required to store, handle or use hazardous materials in a laboratory unit.  Any research location where greater than 1 gallon (3.8 L) of flammable or combustible liquid, or 75 SCF (2.12 m3) of flammable gas, must be permitted as a laboratory. Non-production laboratory operations requiring a permit must be under the personal supervision of a certificate of fitness holder.

At least one C-14 Certificate of Fitness holder shall be present during all times while laboratories are in operation.

This requirement applies at all times including weekends, evenings and holidays. Laboratory personnel can obtain a C-14 through Columbia University EH&S or directly through the FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

Columbia University EH&S offers C-14 training for all applicants. Please visit our training page for more information.

You must be compliant with your Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous Waste Management Training (Initial Training: TC4951 or Refresher Training: TC0950) for EH&S to apply for your C-14 card or renewal.

To self-certify (not test in Brooklyn) through Columbia University EH&S, the applicant must take TC5451 on RASCAL and meet the following requirements:

C-14 Requirements:

All claimed lab experience must be experience gained after the degree using to apply for the C-14. Any experience gained prior to the receipt of the degree will not be accepted toward meeting the requirements to self-certify at Columbia University.

If the applicant doesn’t meet the above requirements, the application must be submitted and the test must be taken at the FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn (address below). The applicant may apply on the FDNY website or EH&S may apply for the applicant by sending the required forms below:

Additional requirements for those not meeting those described above:

FDNY Headquarters
NYC Fire Department (FDNY)
Public Certification Unit
9 MetroTech Center, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

After receiving your C-14 card from the FDNY in Brooklyn please email a clear photocopy of the card to [email protected].

Applicants who apply for themselves are encouraged to take TC5451 on RASCAL prior to testing at the FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn to prepare for the test.

Resource: FDNY Study Guide


Steps to Renew a C-14 (renewal form):

  1. A C-14 card is not automatically renewed. C-14 cards must be renewed every 3 years.
  2. Card holder will receive an email notification:
    • 60 days before expiration date.
    • 120 days after expiration date.
    • 180 day after expiration date.
  3. To renew a C-14 card, please fill out the renewal form and submit it to [email protected].
  4. EH&S can only renew C-14 cards less than 60 days prior to the expiration, but no more than 1 year past expiration.
  5. Please note that EH&S is not able to renew If a C-14 card is expired more than 1 year, please contact EH&S at [email protected] for instruction on applying for a new C-14 card. For more information on how to obtain a new C-14 card please.
  6. The C-14 card must be available in the laboratory for inspection by FDNY.  EH&S requests that all C-14 cards be photocopied and posted in the laboratory for inspection.
  7. If you or your laboratory has moved to another campus please notify EH&S at [email protected].
  8. If you wish not to renew the card, please notify EH&S at [email protected].


**Steps to change address on C-14.**

Fire Inspectors only review the laboratory address on the C-14 permit. Therefore, EH&S will not submit a home address change unless the laboratory work address is also being updated. 


For steps to Replace a Lost or Missing C-14 Card: Contact EH&S at [email protected].