O2 Sensor Information

The FDNY Code requires that O2 Oxygen Sensors be installed in areas where more than 60 gallons of cryogenics are stored, in use, or dispensed. In areas where more than 60 gallons are identified, EH&S asks that labs assess the way cryogenics are managed to minimize the purchase of required O2 sensor installations.

The following are suggested:

  • Increase cryogenic delivery frequency,
  • Store cryogenics in one area (one sensor), OR
  • Distribute cryogenic storage among multiple laboratory rooms.

If an existing laboratory does increase the use of cryogenics that exceed the threshold of 60 gallons, thus requiring a O2 sensor, please contact: [email protected] for information about obtaining an O2 sensor.

The following links provide information on the O2 Oxygen Sensor Specifications currently being used on campus.

Gas Clip Technologies - A two year Single Gas Detector for Oxygen

For the O2 Sensor Specifications for new projects and Capital Project Management:

PureAire Monitoring System for oxygen that requires no sensor calibration or maintenance for 10 years.