Lab Accessories

As per FDNY Fire Code, Sec 2706.11, black out curtains and drapes (including laser curtains) are required to be flame-resistant.  This can be done in two ways, either by having the curtains flameproofed or having them inherently flame resistant.

EH&S strongly recommends that all blackout curtains purchased be Inherently Flame Resistant. Once purchased and tested by a Certificate of Fitness (COF) holder, they no longer need any further treatment, i.e. they do not need to re-flameproofed. Curtains that are just flameproofed will need to be tested every year and re-flameproofed every three years.  This method is an annual cost to each lab.

  1. Inherently Flame Resistant curtains require documentation from the manufacture that such curtains are Inherently Flame Resistant as per NFPA 701.  These curtains must also be tested and documentation issued by a FDNY Certificate of Fitness holder (C-15) as to their flame resistance.  Once these have passed the C of F test they no longer need any more treatment or testing.
  2. Flameproofed curtains require documentation from manufacturer that such curtains are flameproofed as per NFPA 701.  These curtains must also be tested every year, up to 3 years, to ascertain that they are still flameproof.  This test must be done under the supervision of a NYC Certificate of Fitness holder (C-15). After three years, no matter if it passes a flameproof test or not, the curtains must be re-flameproofed.  The re-flameproofing of the curtains must also be done under the supervision of a Certificate of Fitness holder (C-15) for Supervise Flameproofing.

All existing blackout curtains that are not flameproofed nor have documentation to such flameproofing at Medical Center and Morningside laboratories have been replaced with inherently flame resistant curtains. 

Please contact EH&S at [email protected] for guidance prior to purchasing any fabric to be used as blackout curtains in the laboratory.