Join the SPA Listservs

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) maintains several listservs to send announcements related to sponsored projects to Columbia faculty and research administrators. These announcements may include funding opportunities, policy changes, or training opportunities. See lists below to select the appropriate list for signing up. Contact Stephanie Scott for any questions concerning these listservs.

  • Grants-Morningside-DA -> for research/grants/finance administrators on the Morningside campus.
    • If you're a Morningside administrator interested in receiving NIH-related announcements, contact Stephanie Scott.
  • Grants-CUMC-DA -> for research/grants/finance administrators on the CUIMC campus.
  • NIH-Investigators -> faculty listserv, announcements related to NIH (i.e., policy changes, funding opportunities, form changes, training, etc.).
  • SPA-Info -> used by SPA to send broad announcements to faculty on either campus. No need to join it! This listserv is tailored based on the appropriate audience for the announcement.