Fall 2016 NSF Grants Conference Plenary (General) Sessions

Editor's note:

This announcement was provided directly from an email from Jean Feldman, who asked that we distribute it broadly.

November 07, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2016 NSF Grants Conference Plenary (General) Sessions will be webcast live at no cost to the research community. NSF staff will speak to the state of current funding; review new and current policies and procedures; and provide updates on pertinent administrative issues.

You can expect to learn about:

  • New programs and initiatives
  • Proposal preparation
  • NSF's merit review process
  • Conflict of interest policies
  • Award Administration
  • NSF Faculty Early Career Program

The live webcast of the conference will be held on November 14-15, 2016.  We encourage you to view the full webcast agenda for additional information, and to see scheduled times. Please note that the conference is taking place in Pittsburgh, PA, so all times are EST.

Register here. Webcast login information will be emailed to registrants on Thursday, November 10th. These sessions will also be recorded for on-demand viewing once the conference has concluded. Presentations will also be available on the conference website.

If you have any questions regarding live webcasting, please contact us at [email protected], or call Allison Kennedy at: 703-245-7407.

Jean Feldman
Head, Policy Office
Division of Institution and Award Support
Office of Budget, Finance & Award Management