NIH childcare costs increased to $3,000

NIH recently announced they have increased the childcare cost support from $2,500 to $3,000 per budget period, effective for federal fiscal year 2024 (FY2024, 10/1/2023 – 9/30/2024). This change, detailed in NOT-OD-24-116, applies to all eligible NIH NRSA training and fellowship awards. Awards issued prior to this notice will be retroactively adjusted.

NOTE: Childcare costs for AHRQ NRSA training and fellowship awards will remain at $2,500 per budget period at this time.

Key Points for NIH NRSA training and fellowship awards:

  • Effective Date: FY2024
  • Retroactive Adjustment: Applicable FY2024 awards issued before the notice (NOT-OD-24-116) will be revised to reflect the increase.
  • Identifying FY2024 Awards: the Notice of Award (NOA) will reflect if it is issued under FY2024, with the childcare costs awarded.

Our website and childcare costs reimbursement form have been updated to reflect these changes. For more information, visit NIH/AHRQ Childcare Costs. Questions can be directed to the Research Policy and Indirect Cost Group at [email protected].

June 11, 2024