Reminder to Address Inclusion of Individuals Across the Lifespan in Grant Applications

NIH just posted in the Extramural Nexus this morning a reminder to applicants of the new Inclusion Across the Lifespan Policy. It requires grant applicants to address the age-appropriate inclusion or exclusion of individuals in Section 2.4 of the Study Record in the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information Form.

As a reminder, this policy, and all other policy changes impacting NIH proposal preparation for 2019 can be found on our website at New NIH FOAs and Application Changes for 2019. We’ll continue to update this page with additional resources and materials as they become available.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your SPA Project Officer.

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Archived Announcements

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) released five separate program announcements for the 2018 application cycle of the NIH Loan Repayment Program (LRP). The LRP may repay up to $35,000 of qualified student loan debt per year to outstanding health professionals who commit at least two years to conduct biomedical, behavioral, social, or clinical research, and who agree to engage in such research for an average of at least 20 hours per week based on a 40-hour work week. This includes most undergraduate, graduate, and medical school loans. Loan repayment benefits are in addition to the institutional salary received for research.

The five program announcements are:

The NIH will begin accepting applications on September 1, 2017. Applications are limited to one per year. The deadline for applications is November 15th, 2017, 8pm EST. Potential applicants should carefully read the general eligibility requirements, plus the requirements under each funding announcement. Questions concerning eligibility should be discussed with NIH staff. Find the appropriate contact at the Contact and Engage page.

Applications are submitted via the LRP website at The system will not accept applications until September 1st. For applicants paid through Columbia University, Columbia University should be listed as their institution. William Berger is the Institutional Approver at Columbia for LRP at

Applicants who are paid through Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. (RFMH) are to enter RFMH as their institution (NOT Columbia or NYSPI). Please contact Simone Roberts ( for information on the Institutional Approver.

Please note: Recipients of Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) support from an individual postdoctoral fellowship (F32) or an institutional research training grant (T32) will be eligible for loan repayment during the second year of NRSA support if a formal extension of the NRSA service payback is granted (see NIH Training Payback). Concurrent fulfillment of LRP and NRSA service obligations is prohibited. You must request a deferral of NRSA payback service prior to acceptance into the LRP. A deferral form can be obtained by contacting the LRP Help Line at 866-849-4047. It is important to note, though, that NRSA recipients may continue to receive their stipends from the NRSA.

All applications must be completed and submitted online at

NIH just released an announcement that for federal fiscal year FY 2017 (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017), awards for predoctoral trainees and fellows will be adjusted for the new stipend level of $23,844, up from $23,376 from FY16. Training Related Expenses and Institutional Allowances for predocs remain unchanged at $4,200. All FY 2017 awards previously issued using FY 2016 stipend levels will be adjusted by NIH with revised NOAs with the new stipend level.

Please see NOT-OD-17-084 for the full details of this announcement.

The FY 2017 stipend levels for postdoctoral trainees and fellows was issued on December 15, 2016:NOT-OD-17-003.

Please let me, or your SPA Project Officer, know if you have any questions.


Stephanie F. Scott, MS, CRA

Communications and Outreach Director

NIH released a reminder announcement today about the importance of accurate and timely progress reports, and financial reports. The notice reminds award recipients of the due dates. Please take a moment to review the link above.

NIH and AHRQ just announced that they will issue new “FORMS-E” grant application forms and instructions for grant applications due on or after January 25th, 2018.

On Friday, March 17th, NIH issued interim guidance on the use of a new NIH salary cap, to increase from $185,100 to $187,000. See The effective date of this increase is January 8th, 2017.

NSF updated its FAQs on its Public Access Policy.

Refer to Public Access to Results of NSF-funded Research for full details about the policy.

NIH announced their plans for the implementation of the Interim-RPPR.

The following NIH announcement is time sensitive: NOT-OD-17-002. For more information about FLSA, please contact your SPA Project Officer and see:

We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2016 NSF Grants Conference Plenary (General) Sessions will be webcast live at no cost to the research community.

First look at the resources available at the university that directly relate to postdoctoral training.