Online Research Systems

Below are the various online systems, both internal and external to the University, that are used heavily during research.

Sponsored Projects

  • See Proposal Submission Systems for all information on submitting grant proposals through SPA. Go here first!
    • All federal grants will eventually be required to be submitted through
  • NSF FastLane
    • For electronic submission of NSF grants
  • NIH eRA Commons
    • NIH requires that applicants review the grant proposals submitted via in the NIH eRA Commons. This web portal is also used to review the status of grant applications, and submit NIH progress reports
    • This searchable database is a great resource for researchers planning to submit a biomedical research grant application. Use it to identify funded research topics, read the abstracts of funded grant proposals, identify researchers when conducting literature searches, etc.
  • proposalCENTRAL
    • Many foundations, non-profit, and other private sponsors use proposalCENTRAL as the portal for grant submissions
  • SPIN / InfoED
    • SPIN is part of the InfoEd suite of web-based modules for grants management that the University has purchased. To access SPIN, all you need is your Columbia UNI and password to be able to log into the system. 
    • Get started with this user guide: SPIN Quick Start Guide (rev. 2/3/2016)
      • SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) - A searchable database of funding opportunities from current national and international government and private funding sources, including fellowships, research grants, publication support, sabbatical support, curriculum development, and more. SPIN can be used to conduct manual searches of funding opportunities. SPIN has an Advanced Search tool, so users can identify finding by specific scientific keywords, grant types, locations of research and sponsors.
    • SPIN Plus consists of two functions rolled into one:
      • SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal Service) - An automated alert system that notifies investigators of relevant new programs that match their searches created in SPIN. SMARTS sends relevant funding opportunities to users via daily, or weekly, e-mail reports (when there are relevant matches).
    • For more information, email or call at (212) 851-4368.

Research Administration

  • Rascal
    • RASCAL is web-based application developed to simplify the University's research compliance and research administration processes. It is designed to help researchers and administrators manage ongoing research projects and related compliance activities here at Columbia. 
  • ARC
    • The University's financial system, ARC (Accounting and Reporting at Columbia)
  • LabArchives
    • Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) help researchers to manage the results of research efforts, record and document research processes and procedures, and manage  digital research data. More information is on the LabArchives at Columbia website.
  • StudyManager
    • StudyManager creates and tracks study financials, tracks research patient visits and procedures and provides data for auditing

Clinical Trials

  • RecruitMe
    • RecruitMe is a recruitment tool meant to connect those who want to participate in clinical trials or research studies to the researchers that are conducting them. To begin using RecruitMe all you have to do is search for a medical condition or research field that interests you and then answer a few eligibility questions and the researcher will get right back to you.