Eviction Protection

Emily Benfer, Visitng Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Professor Benfer is spearheading a project in collaboration with the National Housing Law Project and Eviction Lab to advocate for eviction freezes across the country. With reduction in hours and significant job loss across the country, many low-income people will. not be able to afford rent. At the same time, eviction court is crowded and could advance the spread of the virus if it remains open. Professor Benfer is seeking outstanding law students who have experience reading legislative materials and court orders to assist in research eviction moratorium laws. You will be asked to research specific sites and to report in daily on your findings and to identify the states that have yet to issue a moratorium and, as a result, require targeted outreach and pressure. The research will be used to create maps and support local advocates. It will be distributed widely and used in publications. Most importantly, your work will help protect millions of low-income tenants from further harm during this pandemic. Professor Benfer will be supervising your work and this work is eligible for pro bono hours.