The longitudinal impact of pandemic related stress on the physical and psychological health of front line workforce in a private and miliatry field hospital.

Allison Norful, Associate Research Scientist in the School of Nursing

This mixed method study aims to understand the physical and psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic on frontline health care workforce. The study will be conducted at CUIMC/NYP; NYP Allen Hospital and the Ryan Larkin field hospital. The quantitative survey will collect workforce demographics, occupation characteristics, home characteristics, interprofessional team relations including the Provider Co-management index, the Brief Resilience Survey, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue survey, clinician burnout and impact on personal chronic conditions. The qualitative interviews will consists of inductive emergent theme analysis about stress and burnout in healthcare workforce. Findings of this study will be triangulated with physiologic biomarkers (Heartrate variability, sleep, activity).