COVID-19 Relief and Response

Hannah Slow, Associate Director of Communications at the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, Columbia Business School

As part of our educational mission, the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise is committed to convening solution-oriented ideas, strategies, and actions that you are doing and can do during these uncertain times. With the help of adjunct professor Georgia Levenson Keohane, alumni, and students in our Executive Education's Senior Leaders Program, we have compiled a list of resources (in NYC and beyond) on how you can support the nonprofit sector and get engaged remotely or through volunteering. All of these resources can be found on our website: Additionally, we will be hosting weekly Social Impact Webinars. Our intention is to continue to disseminate best practices for the social enterprise sector, as well as discuss the pressing social and environmental challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure vulnerable and marginalized community needs are still addressed. All webinars will be recorded and shared on the events tab of this website. Now, more than ever, we need your leadership, collective support, ideas, and actions to address the critical social and environmental problems we face during these troubling times. We look forward to continuing the conversation and thank you for your continued participation and support.