Respiratory Immunity and Disease Severity in COVID-19 patients

Donna Farber, George H. Humphreys, II Professor of Surgical Sciences (in Surgery), Chief, Division of Surgical Sciences and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Department of Microbiology & Immunology

In the proposed study, we will obtain endotracheal tube washes and blood samples longitudinally from COVID-19 patients during the course of hospitalization in the ICU for immunophenotyping, transcriptional profiling and viral titer determination. We will address the following key questions that are essential for developing treatments for the devastating outcomes of SARS-CoV2:
1. Is viral clearance associated with a particular composition, phenotype, or molecular signature of innate and adaptive immune cells in the airways?
2. Are there immune correlates with lung injury or other clinical measures of disease severity?
3. What is the association of age, sex, and co-morbidities with the quality and quantity of the immune response?