The role of osteocalcin in altered mental status in COVID-19

Gerard Karsenty, Paul A. Marks Professor of Genetics and Development and Professor of Medicine, Department of Genetics and Development

In mice, OCN has also been shown to regulate memory, alertness and anxiety behaviors. OCN permeates the BBB and has a dedicated receptor Gpr158 in the CNS (Khrimian, 2017). Replenishment of OCN in the plasma restores the phenotype in OCN-/- mice. COVID-19 infection is associated with altered consciousness in 7.5% of cases in a 214 patient series (Mao, 2020). Routinely in our own experience, the Neurology Consult Service at NYP is routinely paged about COVID-19 patients with altered mental status without other appreciable triggers. We propose that uOCN dysregulation may also influence cognitive status. Specific Aim: To understand the association between OCN levels and altered consciousness in COVID-19 infection.