Assessing Changes in Tobacco Use and Vaping During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Daniel Giovenco, Assistant Professor Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health

Tobacco use and the health conditions it causes are thought to be major risk factors for poor COVID-19 outcomes. We are conducting semi-structured interviews with people across the U.S. who smoke cigarettes and/or vape nicotine (e.g., e-cigarettes) to understand the ways in which the COVID-19 outbreak and related preventive measures (e.g., social distancing, stay at home orders, store closures) have impacted use behaviors. We will assess behavioral changes, risk perceptions, quit intentions, and factors related to supply and demand that may influence use, among other dimensions. The participant sample is demographically and geographically diverse, and includes many participants with underlying health conditions that are known risk factors for COVID-19.