Barbara Szolc

Roles and Responsibilities

Barbara Szolc is Senior Compliance Specialist. She works on issues related to conflicts of interest and research, focusing on scientific review of sponsored research and IRB protocols for potential conflicts with researchers’ financial disclosures. These assessments include reviews of technology transfer licenses to startup companies and other licensees, company R&D/pipeline descriptions, and correspondence/consultations with researchers. Dr. Szolc works closely with the Columbia University Committee on Financial Conflicts of Interest and Research.


Dr. Szolc received an M.D. from University of Lodz, Poland, and completed her postdoctoral training in biomedical science at Northwestern University and Columbia University. She has done research at government-sponsored research entities, including Brookhaven National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory. She was also part of the NASA Space Radiation Exploration Program (NSRSS) in 2007. Dr. Szolc has published many scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, including J. of Rad. Bio., J Vasc Interv Radiol, Magn Reson Med., Radiology, Radiation Research, Nanomedicine and Gastroenterology. Her research was mostly focused in radiation biology, immunology, neurology and social science. Prior to returning to Columbia, Dr. Szolc worked at New York University in education management, providing oversight and monitoring of pre-doctoral academic programs.