Calista Bryant

Roles and Responsibilities

As the Safety Advisor, Calista is responsible for proactively building relationships with University and University-affiliate research personnel to facilitate the delivery of high-quality safety services and guidance across a broad range of disciplines throughout the University’s expansive research enterprise and multiple campuses. Calista maintains a client-focused approach and be accountable for assessing research safety procedures and practices and developing creative, sustainable and compliant solutions that meet the operational needs of research personnel and are consistent with University standards and best practices. Through collaborations with EH&S colleagues and various University stakeholders and affiliates, Calista ensures effective and efficient implementation and management of biological, chemical and radiation safety program elements in alignment with the Research Safety Program Strategic Plan.


Calista Marie Bryant is a passionate and driven individual who recently graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Medieval Studies. During her time at college, Calista was a Resident Advisor within her community, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment to positively impact the lives of her fellow students. Beyond her academic pursuits, Calista has a love for exploring new cuisines in her free time and delving into the pages of a good book.