Flavia Villegas Landivar, LLB

Roles and Responsibilities

As the Associate Manager for the Hazardous Materials Program, Flavia is responsible for leading operations and programs that support university hazardous waste management, including but not limited to, chemical and universal wastes, radioactive waste, and recycling programs and initiatives throughout the University’s expansive research enterprise and multiple campuses. Flavia leads University vendors (e.g., Veolia Environmental Services, Approved Regulated Medical Waste, Greymart, Monmouth Wire & Computer Recycling, and others as needed) through successful onsite services and shipments, regulatory reporting and documentation requirements pertaining to the above to achieve regulatory compliance and maintaining regulatory documents, including proactive management of waste operations among EH&S’s team of health and safety professionals, and represent EH&S on safety committee(s) where applicable. In addition, Flavia supports vendor service coordination of laboratory shipments under the direction of health and safety professionals.