Inbound Subawards

When Columbia University will be included as a proposed subrecipient in a proposal to be submitted by another entity, we refer to that as a proposed inbound subaward.

Inbound subawards are reviewed by the SPA Project Officer.  The SPA Project Officer will review the proposed work and budget during proposal preparation, and they will review the subaward agreement if awarded. 

Inbound subawards are treated in the same manner as other proposal submissions.  The following is needed for the SPA Project Officer to review and sign a proposed inbound subaward:

  • Rascal Proposal Tracking (PT) Sheet
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Detailed Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Biosketch, and/or other forms required by originating sponsor
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)/Proposal Face Sheet - the pass-through entity (PTE) will instruct you as to the type of form that needs to be signed by SPA.  This form serves as our certification that we have reviewed the materials requested and if awarded, we will abide by the prime sponsor’s policies and are prepared to negotiate the necessary agreement with the PTE.
    • If the PTE does not have a form for this purpose, Columbia has its own INBOUND Subaward Face Page (rev 7/11/2022) that can be used.
  • Attachment 3B - usually requested by the PTE when they are ready to issue a subaward:

Please see Proposal Preparation for more information about the items listed above and our proposal review process.