Learn About Sponsored Projects

updated 1/16/2024

If you are new to research administration there are many internal and external resources to help you get started.  It takes time to learn how to prepare a proposal, develop a budget, and monitor the progress of a sponsored award.  Various certificate programs in research administration exist, and there are always opportunities to learn about more specific topics.

Columbia Resources:

To receive announcements impacting the management of sponsored projects, SPA maintains several listservs. Contact Stephanie Scott for any questions concerning these listservs.

  • Grants-Morningside-DA -> for administrators on Morningside campus
  • Grants-CUMC-DA -> for administrators on CUMC campus
  • Training Grant Administrators (TGA) -> for administrators who prepare and/or manage NIH institutional training grants (ex. T32s).
  • SPA-Info -> used by SPA to send broad announcements to faculty on either campus.  The email addresses on this listserv change depending on the purpose of the announcement. No need to join it!
  • NIH-Investigators -> announcements are sent to faculty who have ever applied for NIH funding. SPA auto-generates this listserv.
  • NSF-Investigators -> announcements are sent to faculty who have ever applied for NSF funding. SPA auto-generates this listserv.

Research Administration Discussion List:

RESADM-L Mailing list: [email protected]

You can watch pre-recorded webinars, purchased by Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and other departments, on select topics in Research Administration. Continuing Education (CEU) Certificates can also be obtained by following the instructions included in the materials with some of the webinars.


  • Sign into Panopto, using this link.
  • Sign in selecting 'UNI' in the drop-down menu (not Canvas).
  • Log in using your Columbia UNI and password.

The NYC Research Administration Demonstration (RAD) Series is hosted by NYU. RAD was created in partnership with the Cohort for Efficiencies in Research Administration (CERA).

See https://wp.nyu.edu/nyuresearchrad/ for more information, and to register for their webinars. All webinars are free. NYU can provide CEU or certificate of attendance/completion for individuals who need it.


Become a Certified Research Administrator (CRA), Certified Pre-Award Research Administrator (CPRA), or a Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA):


Studying for the CRA exam? Consider:

Some universities offer online Master's Degree programs or certificate programs in research administration.

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