Safety Trainings

Training is the cornerstone of any successful health and safety program and is the fundamental element of EH&S's commitment to ensuring Columbia University maintains and promotes a safe workplace. Many activities that take place in the course of research, academia and/or clinical care require specialized instruction on how these activities can be conducted safely and with minimal exposure to workplace hazards. We encourage the Columbia community to check this site regularly for new training offerings and program enhancements.

Most classroom courses are offered twice per month in NYC (at least once at each NYC campus) and a class can be taken at either location regardless of campus affiliation.

Please note unless indicated you do not need to sign up or register for a safety training course.

Below you will find resources to help you navigate the University’s safety training requirements.  Once the required safety courses are identified, the monthly training schedules for the classroom training sessions for all first time attendees at Columbia University can be reviewed and courses selected (note, training does not require registration; simply sign-in when you arrive at the scheduled training session).    

Below you will find a link to RASCAL, the University’s web-based system for research administration and training, which serves as a primary option for annual/biannual safety refresher training, as well as a platform for several training modules that are only offered online.

 If you have any questions about safety training, please contact for assistance.

Training Materials

Training Evaluation

Please note: Lab-specific/task-based training is required to be provided by your PI and/or senior level lab staff member.

If you have any questions about safety training, please contact for assistance.