Reusable Sharps Containers

In 2009, the University changed the way in which ‘sharps’ waste was collected, replacing single-use containers with re-usable containers.  When full, these containers are robotically emptied, sanitized and reused.  A single container may be used as many as 500 times.  Stericycle provides metrics on the resulting carbon footprint reduction.  To see the effect of this program has had regarding Columbia’s activity, go to recycle Links:

Medical Center 2016
Morningside 2016

As of November 1, 2009, the University had eliminated nearly three tons of plastic and two tons of CO2 emissions from just the Morningside Campus with far larger reductions expected as the programs rolls out across the Medical Center campus.

Please see the schedule table below for sharps container pick-up/drop-off service in your area, and contact information for other regulated medical waste services.

*All containers should be placed outside of labs first thing in the morning on the day of service

Contact Information

For replacement red bags:

  • Medical Center – Facilities (305-HELP; 305-4357), ext.3
  • Morningside – EH&S (854-8749)

To report sharps container pick-up/drop-off problems:

  • Medical Center – EH&S (305-6780)
  • Morningside – EH&S (854-8749)

For urgently needed replacement sharps containers between pick-up days:

  • Medical Center – Facilities (305-HELP; 305-4357), ext.3
  • Morningside – EH&S (854-8749)